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This is definitely one of the better liquid lipsticks I have tried by far. I've been trying out so many of them since wearing a mask. Most of them are awful-very drying and/or cakey, wear off too soon, all sort of problems. This one is very nice. I don't find it too drying, I won't go as far as to say that is not drying at all, it is slightly so, but not bad. It wears very, very well, and I don't get a lot of caking on the inner lip with it. It wears a long time, and I get very little to none wearing off on my mask. I bought 006, Eyes on You, which is a nice medium neutral brown-but-not-too-brown, it has enough of a pink or some undertone to it to keep it from being brown. And I have 009, Speak Up, which is a medium neutral pinky mauve, not Barbie or bubblegum pink by any means, just a neutral pink leaning warmer. Both are very easy to wear shades that could be called Neutral shades to wear easily with most things. I am sold on this formula, they did well with this..
Anle Doe
Fashion Designer

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